Command Line Options

The CLI uses argparse to parse the command line options so the short or long versions may be used and the long options may be truncated to the shortest unambiguous abbreviation.


list available versions (not implemented yet)


show generic help

install <Qt version> <target OS> <target variant> <target environment>

install Qt library specified version and target.

Qt version

This is a Qt version such as 5.9,7, 5.12.1 etc

target OS

linux, windows or mac

target variant

desktop or android

target environment
  • gcc_64 for linux desktop
  • clang_64 for mac desktip
  • win64_msvc2017_64, win64_msvc2015_64, in32_msvc2015, win32_mingw53 for windows desktop
  • android_x86, android_armv7 for android
--version, -v

Display version

--help, -h

Display help text

--outputdir, -O <Output Directory>

specify output directory.

--base, -b <base url>

specify mirror site base url such as -b ‘’ where ‘online’ folder exist.