Command Line Options

The CLI uses argparse to parse the command line options so the short or long versions may be used and the long options may be truncated to the shortest unambiguous abbreviation.

Generic commands


show generic help

list <Qt version> <target OS>

list available variations. positional arguments: qt_version Qt version in the format of “5.X.Y” {linux,mac,windows} host os name {desktop,winrt,android,ios} target sdk

Installation command

install <Qt version> <target OS> <target variant> <target architecture>

install Qt library specified version and target. There are various combinations to accept according to Qt version.

Qt version

This is a Qt version such as 5.9,7, 5.12.1 etc

target OS

linux, windows or mac

target variant

desktop, ios or android

target architecture
  • gcc_64 for linux desktop
  • clang_64 for mac desktop
  • win64_msvc2019_64, win64_msvc2017_64, win64_msvc2015_64, win32_msvc2015, win32_mingw53 for windows desktop
  • android_armv7, android_arm64_v8a, android_x86, android_x86_64 for android
--version, -v

Display version

--help, -h

Display help text

--outputdir, -O <Output Directory>

specify output directory.

--base, -b <base url>

specify mirror site base url such as -b ‘’ where ‘online’ folder exist.

--modules, -m <list of modules>

specify extra modules to install as a list.

--archives <list of archives>

[Advanced] Specify subset of archives to limit installed archives. This is advanced option and not recommended to use for general usage. Main purpose is speed up CI/CD process by limiting installed modules. It can cause broken installation of Qt SDK.


[Advanced] Specify not to install all base packages. This is advanced option and you should use with –modules option. This allow you to add modules to existent Qt installation.

Tool installation commands

src <Qt version> <target OS> <target variant> [--kde] [--archives <archive>]

install Qt sources specified version and target. by adding –kde option, KDE patch collection is applied for qtbase tree. It is only applied to Qt 5.15.2. When specified version is other than it, command will abort with error when using –kde. You can specify –archives option to install only a specified source such as qtbase.

doc <Qt version> <target OS> <target variant>

install Qt documents specified version and target.

examples <Qt version> <target OS> <target variant>

install Qt examples specified version and target.

tool <target OS> <target tool name> <target tool version> <tool variant name>

install tools specified. tool name may be ‘tools_openssl_x64’, ‘tools_ninja’, ‘tools_ifw’, ‘tools_cmake’ and tool variants name may be ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’. You may need to looking for version number at

Command examples

Example: Installing Qt SDK 5.12.0 for Linux with QtCharts and QtNetworkAuth:

pip install aqtinstall
sudo aqt install --outputdir /opt 5.12.0 linux desktop -m qtcharts qtnetworkauth

Example: Installing Android (armv7) Qt 5.10.2:

aqt install 5.10.2 linux android android_armv7

Example: Install examples, doc and source:

C:\ aqt examples 5.15.2 windows desktop -m qtcharts qtnetworkauth
C:\ aqt doc 5.15.2 windows desktop -m qtcharts qtnetworkauth
C:\ aqt src 5.15.2 windows desktop --archives qtbase --kde

Example: Install Web Assembly

aqt install 5.15.0 linux desktop wasm_32

Example: Install an Install FrameWork (IFW):

aqt tool linux tools_ifw 4.0

Example: Install vcredist:

C:\ aqt tool windows tools_vcredist 2019-02-13-1
C:\ .\Qt\Tools\vcredist\vcredist_msvc2019_x64.exe /norestart /q

Example: Install MinGW on Windows

C:\ aqt tool -O c:\Qt windows tools_mingw 8.1.0-1-202004170606
c:\ set PATH=C:\Qt\Tools\mingw810_64\bin

Example: Show help message

aqt help