aqtinstall can be configured through a configuration file. A default configuration is stored in aqt/settings.ini file.

You can specify custom configuration file through AQT_CONFIG environment variable or “-c” or “–config” command line option.

A file is like as follows:


An [aqt] section is a configuration for basic behavior.

concurrency is a setting how many download concurrently starts. It should be a integer value.
connection_timeout is a timeout in second for connection. It is passed to requests library.
response_timeout is a timeout in second how much time waiting for response. It is passed to requests library.
baseurl is a URL of Qt download site. When you have your own Qt download site repository, you can set it here. It is as same as --base option.
It is a command name of 7-zip. When aqtinstall is installed without recommended library py7zr, it is used to extract archive instead of py7zr library. When --external option specified, a value is override with option’s one.

A [mirrors] section is a configuration for mirror handling.

It is a list of URL where is a problematic mirror site. Some mirror sites ignore a connection from IP addresses out of their preffered one. It will cause connection error or connection timeout. There are some known mirror sites in default. When you are happy with the default sites, you can override with your custom settings.
It is a list of URL where is a good for access. When mirror site cause an error, aqt use fallbacks when possible.