Aqtinstall is written and maintained by Hiroshi Miura <>

Original qli-installer is written by Linus Jahn

Contributors, listed alphabetically, are:

  • Andrei Yankovich (tools ifw installation)
  • Aurélien Gâteau (patching to qmake)
  • Benjamin O (Github Actions and more)
  • David Dalcino (Improve tests and fix patching to qmake)
  • Felix Barz (Android, Explicit extra module installation)
  • Gamso (improve parsing of update.xml)
  • Kyle Altendorf (7z binary path search)
  • Martin Delille (Document)
  • Mizux Seihax (Qt versions)
  • Nelson Chen (CI tests)
  • @pylipp (Document)
  • Sztergbaum Roman
  • Thomas Grainger (CLI entry point)
  • @tsteven4 (fix patching to qmake)
  • Vadim Peretokin (Version database)
  • @ypnos (Document)

and many other participants and contributors.