• Minimum Python version: 3.6
  • Recommended Python version: 3.7.5 or later
  • Dependent libraries: requests, py7zr

Install by pip command

Same as usual, it can be installed with pip

$ pip install aqtinstall


General usage looks like this:

aqt [-h][--help][-O | --outputdir <directory>][-b | --base <mirror url>][-E | --external <7zip command>] \
    install <qt-version> <host> <target> [<arch>] [-m all | -m [extra module] [extra module]...] [--internal]
    [--archives <archive>[ <archive>...]] [--timeout <timeout(sec)>]

You can also call with python -m aqt syntax as well as command script aqt.

  • The Qt version is formatted like this: 5.11.3
  • Host is one of: linux, mac, windows
  • Target is one of: desktop, android, ios (iOS only works with mac host)
  • For some platforms you also need to specify an arch:
    • For windows, choose one of:
      • win64_msvc2019_64, win32_msvc2019,
      • win64_msvc2017_64, win32_msvc2017,
      • win64_msvc2015_64, win32_msvc2015,
      • win64_mingw81, win32_mingw81,
      • win64_mingw73, win32_mingw73,
      • win64_mingw53, win32_mingw53,
      • win64_msvc2019_winrt_x64, win64_msvc2019_winrt_x86, win64_msvc2019_winrt_armv7
      • win64_msvc2017_winrt_x64, win64_msvc2017_winrt_x86, win64_msvc2017_winrt_armv7
    • For android and Qt 5.13 or below, choose one of: android_x86_64, android_arm64_v8a, android_x86, android_armv7
  • You can specify external 7zip command path instead of built-in extractor.
  • When specifying all for extra modules option -m all extra modules are installed.

Installing tool and utility (Experimental)

You can install tools and utilities using following syntax;

python -m aqt [-h][--help][-O | --outputdir <directory>][-b | --base <mirror url>][-E | --external <7zip command>] \
    tool <host> <tool_name> <tool-version> <arch> [--timeout <timeout>]
  • tool_name is one of tools_ifw, tools_vcredist, and tools_openssl.
  • arch is full qualified tool name such as which values can be seen on Qt archive_site This is a quite experimental feature, may not work and please use it with your understanding of what you are doing.
  • It does not recognize ‘installscript.qs’. When using tools which depends on a qt script, you should do something by yourself.

Target directory

aqt can take option ‘–outputdir’ or ‘-O’ that specify a target directory.

The Qt packages are installed under current directory as such Qt/<ver>/gcc_64/ If you want to install it in C:Qt as same as standard gui installer default, run such as follows:

C:\> mkdir Qt
C:\> aqt install --outputdir c:\Qt 5.11.3 windows desktop win64_msvc2019_64